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Strong™ Spiral Hose

Automotive, appliance and furniture assembly line operators are constantly in and out of the product, putting any spiral to the test. ATS's Strong™ Spiral was developed to address two of the most common problems inherent in spiral hoses used in these applications - the tangling and kinking of the spiral when used repeatedly at or beyond its recommended service length, and the tendency of the spiral to straighten out over time. The Strong Plus™ spiral series was developed for use in and around painted or finished surfaces. A special manufacturing process allows us to make a much smaller coil diameter without flattening the tubing which would reduce air flow. This smaller diameter greatly increases the 'memory' of the assembly even in the most demanding environments. The degree of sag is minimal and consistent, and kinking is virtually eliminated. These features give this spiral a much longer service life than any other spiral on the market.

Strong™ Spiral

Strong Plus™

Optional accessories include:

"Free Angle ® Fittings"

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